Introduction to the Internet of Everything

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The next wave of innovation starts with a connection and ends with your imagination. How will you use the IoT to solve a problem, improve a process, or create something new? Imagine what happens when billions of people, processes, data, and things connect.

Cisco Networking Academy invites you to explore the Introduction to the Internet of Things(IoT), a 20-hour, self-paced course. This course is designed for people who are interested in advancing their careers, and students interested in pursuing IoT jobs.

  • Learn at your own pace from IoT experts and Cisco customers through recorded videos, presentations, and testimonials.
  • Understand why security, analytics, and device and network management will be among the fastest-growing jobs in the digital economy.
  • Test your knowledge with hands-on activities using Cisco Packet Tracer and interactive quizzes.
  • Begin to understand the potential of IoT connections for your industry, career, or area of expertise.

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