Exciting Announcement: New Cisco Certifications & Networking Academy Courses

We know that technology is changing at a pace never experienced, promising many extraordinary changes not only in the industry, but in the world. Cisco recently made several announcements that are making these promised changes very real.

At Cisco Live, Chuck Robbins talked about this new world of networking. The technologies currently changing how networking is done, and the skills needed to manage and secure these new networks.

This evolution of networking technology is what’s driving Cisco’s redesign of the Certification program and enhancements to our Networking Academy courses. As the role of the network is expanding, so are the skills people need to manage and secure it.

Preparing Instructors and Students for the New Network

We’re enhancing Networking Academy courses to better prepare students with the skills required in the changing industry. And to better equip instructors with the content, tools and training they need to teach these new skills. Some of these changes include:

  • Updated CCNA courses that will align to the new CCNA certification.  New CCNA courses will have powerful enhancements such as:
  1. improved course layout to increase student engagement
  2. use of innovative learning tools, including a spectrum of equipment options
  3. secure assessments with dynamic sections and items to combat cheating
  4. new user experience with improved accessibility support
  • Updated CCNP labs and exams to align with the new CCNP Enterprise certification.
  • Plans to introduce a DevNet course that will expand our portfolio to include software practices and skills that are relevant to how networking and IT is changing.
  • The introduction of Digital Badging will allow students to earn professional recognition as it’s earned and to validate skills throughout their career.
  • CCNA Security course continues as is and will align to training credential.
  • No change for CCNA Cybersecurity Operations -- course continues as is, and aligns to CCNA Cyber Ops certification.

Opportunity for Instructors

Transitioning to the latest courses will increase your industry expertise and the relevance of your institution. Your program will be aligned to how technology and the industry is changing, and your students will be better prepared to enter the workforce.

Key Transition Dates

  • In November, the new CCNA courses in English and certification preparation materials for the new CCNA Certification exam release.
  • In February 2020, the new Cisco Certifications are available
  • New CCNA courses in translated languages will be released in phases during Mar-Jul 2020.

For More Information and Updates

Cisco Networking Academy Courses

  • Listen to our product team go through the changes in detail with this recording.
  • Visit the NetAcad.com landing page for the latest information. We’ll post updates here over the next few months to help you navigate the transition. Key resources will be translated into UN languages by June 24th.
  • Learn about some of these new technologies with session from the May IPD training and save the date for the next trainings starting Sept 23. Get started on the Instructor Profession Development area on NetAacad.com

Highlights from Cisco Live: watch recordings that go deeper into how the role of the network via the on-demand library.

Cisco Certification: for detailed information on how certifications are evolving and study tools, visit cisco.com/nextlevel.

We’re With You

We’re here to help you and your students along the way. You play a very important role in preparing people with opportunities not only to improve their lives, but to change the world. Please take time to review the resources listed above. If you have any additional questions, contact your Academy Support Center contact.